Green Attica Symposium – Introduction

I have arrived now in Athens, and I preparing for a week-long symposium convened by His All Holiness, Patriarch Bartholemew, on climate change and refugees. HAH has convened 150 people from all over the world for this symposium – including Bill McKibbon (of, some clergy, many leading scientists and politicians, and a number of leading business people. We have received endorsements and video messages of support from Jane Goodall, among others. Our work will be to travel with HAH to a number of Greek islands in the morning to tour the refugee camps forming there and then, in the evening, to hold meetings, discussions, and listen to presentations and lectures. Our goal is to find initiatives which can be developed international which will both address the problems exacerbated by climate change – in this case refugees and population displacement.

Over the course of the next five days I will be posting here the events, pictures, and findings of this historic symposium. I want to document as closely as possible what happens here, as this is already considered a historic event.

A full list of participants can be found here:, as well as our schedule and lecture list. I hope you find these report ages front the front lines interesting, and I welcome discussion which arises from them.

We are all staying at the magnificent Divani Carevel hotel in central Athens, with views of the Acropolis and the city. Some of us have been invited tomorrow to begin the symposium by meeting at Mars rock – the famous place of the muses and of course Paul’s preaching – where we will each provide a short reflection on what we think should be one area of climate change that should receive special attention and for which we are asked to provide a possible solution.

Stay tuned!

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