My One word

My one word for 2015 is discipline, principally because at its root is the word disciple. I think discipline is discipleship in action and requires only that I apply myself with purpose to what is already manifest in my life. I am a disciple to God in Christ (a practitioner of the Gospels), a disciple to the earth (with its ecosystems, plants, animals, lakes, shorelines, mountains – all of it calling me now to postulance), a disciple to my vocation as a father to three girls (the whole joy-bringing, tear-making, self-doubting, grace-filled mess of it), a disciple to my business (I’m a poet trying to be an accountant – nuff said), a disciple to my house and personal garden (which requires attentiveness and experiential knowledge of it’s own small ecosystem), a disciple to my sport (the physical fulcrum for my psychology and spirituality), a disciple to my my next book (which requires deep listening, self correction, and a profound personal commitment well beyond the actual writing of it), and a disciple to all beautiful things in life which glint and glimmer everywhere before me like the shells and sea-smooth glass pebbles do on a sunny shoreline. All this discipline will only make me stronger and a better man, father, and friend.

Kaleeg W. Hainsworth

Dad of three kids, author (An Altar in the Wilderness), priest in awesome church, President of Bright Wing Media, designer, author, speaker, podcaster, backpacker, ecologist, film maker

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