The Face of God Film

From the melting permafrost that threatens parishes in southwest Alaska to the wildfires that killed dozens this year near Athens, Orthodox communities around the globe are already feeling the effects of climate change.

The Face of God will document their struggles — but it won’t be simply a documentary, nor will it mimic the sensationalized tone of horror and despair so popular among contemporary headline-writers. This film will articulate the church’s unique ecology, a vision called into being with every liturgy, every sacrament, the lives of our saints.

As His All Holiness, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, has said: The liturgy is the eternal celebration of the fragile beauty of this world. It is this fragile beauty that brings us all together as a global community, but this fragility also makes the world susceptible to our actions.

Through beautiful shots of the natural world, church architecture and iconography; through glimpses into our services, which offer creation back to the Creator as “thine own of thine own”; through interviews with church leaders and meditations on the lives and teachings of the saints, this film will humbly attempt to show viewers that God is alive in His creation. It will call the faithful to action — not to one kind of political activism or ideology, but to prayer and reflection on how to preserve the fragile beauty around us, on which our lives depend.


The Face of God is a narrated film journey through the Orthodox world, exploring our theology of creation, our response to a changing climate, and our understanding of beauty and much more. The film is being shot in locations around North America and the world, and is gathering the most critical and inportant voices in our generation to address a topic of supreme urgency and importance.

Some of the topics being covered include:

  • Orthodox Theology of Creation
  • The Liturgy and Creation/Nature
  • Sacramental Ecology
  • God’s relationship to creation / creation’s relationship to God
  • The face of God in creation
  • The world is charged with the grandeur of God
  • Love-beauty-Christ
  • The earth as prophet
  • Listening to our co-creation
  • Nature as ecological and spiritual relationship
  • The healthy ecosystem
  • The human place in the ecosystem
  • The earth system
  • The human impact
  • Climate change
  • The challenges of a changing climate air-water-food-health-migration
  • Accepting the times – Godly vs ungodly grief
  • Responding as a Church / Responding as an Orthodox Christian
  • Returning to an Orthodox praxis on earth
  • Transforming the heart transfigures the cosmos
  • But the problem is big, and I am only an individual
  • What the ascetic and lenten teachings of the Church reveal about how to live in these times
  • Becoming stewards and priests
  • “We can live very well upon the earth…”
  • Living liturgically is living ecologically
  • Direction and guidelines for clergy, for parish life and for individuals
  • The work of the Church now
  • Voices for change
  • Finding the courage to respond in the saints and history of the Church
  • The strength to respond in the beauty, the power, the love of God always present in Creation
  • The Way to respond in the Way of the Cross (non-violent, kenotic, co-suffering, love)

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